Naliah Agascha Jasmin Cosima Jakob Emmi Niko-Veit Rosalie Alliah Jil Hazel Samira Oxana Capree Vicky Quendolin Butterfly Jaleen Kailani Celina Pina Runa Shania Nara Johannes Adrielle Lisa Ixabel Jeanette Geroma Haylie Eevi Galicia Léonie Kendra Hyra Aimi Tara Bania Ilenia Jael Sharleen Hira Bessy Curly Ling Rose Xezal Aima Qumaira Cleonie Cleonie Jasmin


Your favorite Angel is already taken, or you can’t find the the right one? Browse our gallery to find Guardian Angels that have already “entered their services”. If you find an Angel that intrigues you, send us a message indicating the Angel’s name, and we’ll create a similar “unique” one just for you!